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    Paul von Alpen *Philosophy


    * unconventional * self-assured * independent *

    That sums up the Paul v. Alpen *1886 brand and our shirts. For individual men who represent their own style and for independent men, who do not submit to the fashion dictate, but walk confidently through life. In other words:

    * bold * free * untamed *

    Harem - Paul von Alpen

    Paul v. Alpen * 1886 is a select quality product. High-quality fabrics in exclusive prints make the men’s shirts unmistakable. Fine details underline the distinctive features of the design: genuine Italian mother-of-pearl buttons with lasered logo on the outer edge and a contrasting piping in the neckhole. A clear and pure pattern underline the design in the fit classes Slim Fit and Comfort Fit. Small numbers of 100 pieces per model guarantee exclusivity and lasting individuality.

    Paul von Alpen - Perlmuttknopf

    Incidentally, we produce exclusively in Europe under fair working conditions – Made in Italy.

    The collections are characterized by innovative and unusual prints that challenge and inspire. The high quality of Paul v. Alpen * 1886 is emphasized not least by the noble packaging. Each shirt is wrapped in silk paper and packaged and shipped in a specially designed gift box.

    Paul v. Alpen *1886 – premium shirts for men!

    Geschenkbox - Paul von Alpen


    Paul v. Alpen *1886
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