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    • Businesshemd Anton - Paul von Alpen - classic shirts
      Our business shirt „Anton" belongs in every well-sorted wardrobe - a classic to the uni-version.
    • Sweet Temptation - Paul von Alpen - fashion shirts - exklusive Hemden - extravagante Hemden
      Sweet Temptation
    • Pearls of Water - Paul von Alpen - casual shirts - edle Hemden
      ... everything flows ...
    • Jerseyhemd Pünktchen - Paul von Alpen - jersey shirts
      Allow yourself luxury - precious jersey !
    • Sommerhemd Butterfly Summer - Paul von Alpen - summer shirts
      ... even in nature male representatives wear the pretty feathering with proud ...
    • Außergewöhnlichen Herrenhemd Phoenix - Paul von Alpen - Designerhemd - men's shirts - extravante Hemden
      Play hide and seak!
    • Harem - Paul von Alpen - fancy Herrenhemd - fancy shirt
      FULL POWER !

    Paul v. Alpen *1886 exclusive shirts for men with style

    Paul v. Alpen *1886 represents exclusive shirts in unusual prints with high performance materials and quality manufacture. The collection is aimed at the modern and open-minded man with his own style – sophisticated and independent. And for all who love the art of self-expression.

    Paul v. Alpen *1886premium shirts for men!

    Paul v. Alpen *1886 – premium shirts in limited edition!

    Currently there are a maximum of 30 shirts that are produced in limited quantities per series in a factory in Italy. A high-quality manufactory for an exceptional product. Small quantities per model guarantee exclusivity and a lasting individuality for these high-quality designer shirts. Made in Italy!

    High quality shirts in selected materials!

    Paul v. Alpen *1886 is a pronounced quality product. High-quality fabrics in different weaves made of 100% cotton in extravagant prints from Italy, France, England and other European countries make these noble shirts unmistakable. Predominantly used is a cotton popelin – also slightly satined. This ensures sturdy durability with a soft grip. For the airy and light summer shirts, we use a cotton batiste – or mercerized cotton for a silky feel.

    The colors are fresh and absolutely lightfast. With proper care they stay radiant and do not bother.

    Fine and luxurious details emphasize the peculiarity of the design, such as genuine mother-of-pearl buttons made in Italy with the laser-engraved logo Paul v. Alpen *1886 on the outer edge and a contrasting piping with colored satin ribbon in the neck hole. A clear and pure cut supports the design in the fit classes Slim Fit and Comfort Fit. Slim Fit does not stand for a strong sidecut but overall for a body-hugging cut.

    Discover the perfect long-sleeved shirt for yourself in our online shop. You are self-confident and have your own head – independent and idiosyncratic with high-class and sex appeal. The collection is characterized by innovative and unusual fabric prints that polarize and inspire. These shirts are suitable as a business shirt, as a casual shirt, as a traditional shirt, as a shirt in all situations and of course there are designer shirts.

    The exclusivity of Paul v. Shirts Alpen *1886 is underlined not least by the noble packaging. Each shirt is wrapped in tissue paper and packed in a gift box and sent.

    Paul v. Alpen *1886order online exclusive shirts!